Food Truck No.2

Posted: 02/16/2016

With our second birthday approaching, we thought it would be time to share our journey on acquiring our second van!  We learnt a lot about what works and what doesn’t in a small van during the first year, which has helped us improve nearly every aspect in the design and visual presentation of our second Food Truck.

The response to Bare Bones has been incredible and meant that after just a few months we were turning down work as we were already booked up. Event Catering is very seasonal, with the summer months being the busiest, for obvious reasons (to dammed cold to stand waiting for a Pizza in the winter months!) During the busy summer months we were having three or four offers of work on the same day, and we knew that having a second van was what we needed to take our business forward.

The process started in October last year, with the main question being what vehicle do we want that’s going to give us more space? To say our Citroen Relay is cramped is an understatement, especially when we only have a working area of 1.5m x 0.9m. One thing is for sure, you better get on with your work mates! Luckily for us, it’s either family members or good friends of the family that get to work in the van. One critical point for any mobile caterer is the vans payload, how much weight can you carry, is the number one factor that drives everything (no pun intend). A 3.5 ton van unfortunately doesn’t mean you can whack 3.5 tons of stuff in the back and off you go. Overloading is very dangerous, affecting braking distances and stability, and will get you pulled quicker than we can cook a pizza. We needed a long wheel base van. More bodywork means less weight you can carry. This really isn’t a lot after you take out the 420kg for our oven and factor in another electric oven so we can operate indoors (more on this in the next post). Luckily for us, we have seen some amazing, and some not so amazing, Food Trucks on our travels which certainly helped in choosing the right van for our needs.

On top of thinking of payload, we also had a few layout changes that would make working in the van more efficient. With a bigger van this time, these changes would be easy to implement, a long with adding a few things that were missing from our first van (tip to any new traders; make sure you have plugs in your sink that are fit for purpose!)

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